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    Handy, secure storage for travel documents

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    Creative storage for arts and crafts

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    4 must-try Flip File ideas for on-the-go moms

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    3 Flip File hacks for busy PAs

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Nothing flips like a Flip File!

Flip File is South Africa's first, original plastic pocket file. Since 1970, we've been known for our high-quality plastic files...and our iconic red kangaroo. Why a kangaroo? Well, just like female roos safely store and protect their young in their pouches, so our sturdy, no-tear plastic pockets do the same for all your important documents.

Whether you're a mom on the run with kids' schedules, school documents or certificates to store; or a teacher with a multitude of paperwork for lesson planning that needs to be organised; or have a middle-grader, high schooler or college student in the house who needs to present projects or protect homework pages and assignments; or a traveller needing a safe place to store travel document, we can help.

For every quick and easy document storage need you have, we have a Flip File for you. Take a look here at our extensive range of files.

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