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Blog | We're celebrating our 50th!

We're celebrating our 50th!

March 17 2022 By Flip File

It's been 52 years since the red kangaroo bounded into South Africa and revolutionised document storage the world over forever.

Unfortunately, we weren't able to celebrate our milestone 50th birthday in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown we're celebrating it this year instead!

Not many people know that Flip File is a 100% locally conceptualised product, having been born and bred in Cape Town. It was invented by a dad, inspired by his child, so it's hardly surprising that today parents and kids are still our biggest customers!

Since then, however, we've become the preferred file for teachers, varsity students, artists and crafters, executives, PAs and...well, everybody who wants to keep their documents safe, secure, and perfectly stored.

There are a couple of things we pride ourselves on, beyond our exceptional heritage, of course! That is our unwavering commitment to quality, and our firm focus on the environment, ensuring we constantly minimise our carbon footprint.

These are non-negotiables, which have stood us in good stead over the years to sustainably grow our business into a South African market leader.

Today you'll find Flippie, the red kangaroo, on an entire range of products, from our original Flip File to display books, index stickers, document wallets and envelopes, expanding envelopes and files, and swing-lock report covers.

We're celebrating our fabulous 50s with a new website as well as a few new innovations coming this year as we continue to push the ahem, envelope of innovation.

PLUS we have fantastic competitions and promotions lined up for the year ahead.

So keep a look out for all your old favourites and our new kids on the block in-store. Because remember, nothing flips like a Flip File!

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